The longest established Japanese removal company in the UK創業当時のバン

コヤナギのマスコット、コヤナギマン Koyanagi Worldwide was founded in 1976 as the first ever Japanese removal company in London. Since our inauguration, we have provided a groundbreaking service with Japanese speaking staff administering all aspects of labour, and for over 30 years we have received patronage from our Japanese clients residing in the U.K.

 タワー・ブリッジとコヤナギのバンDuring the 1990s, we opened our branches in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. By expanding our network, we have now established a solid framework in which we are able to offer a comprehensive 'one-stop service' for customers looking to move to all parts of the globe, not just Europe. Our sound legwork enables us to provide services unlike those found at major removal companies.

Koyanagi Worldwide can offer thorough assistance to help you smoothly re-start your new life, using the skills and techniques of our long-established trade. Please do not hesitate to contact us, as our experienced Japanese speaking staff shall be glad to be of service.

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From International Removals to Export / Import of Antiques and Cars

Transporting Culture

ロイヤルドルトンのアンティーク時計 When renowned British china and porcelain manufacturer Royal Doulton hosted an art exhibition in Tokyo in February 1989, Koyanagi Worldwide helped to safely transport to Japan and back valuable pieces of highly fragile objects tantamount to important cultural assets of the U.K. Although the job involved many risks and required high levels of skill and expertise, we were able to deliver all items back to the U.K. with no incident. 倉庫に保管されるクラシックカー

In 1991, the ‘Japan Exhibition’ (hosted by the government of Japan) was held at the Royal Albert Museum in London. As part of introducing Japanese culture to the British public, a wide variety of exhibition items such as automatic vending machines, karaoke machines, ‘onbashira’ (large wooden pillars used in religious festivals) and Japanese funeral cars were put on display – all of which were carefully shipped by Koyanagi Worldwide.

Thanks to such positive achievements, we have had great pleasure in assisting with the shipment of artworks from both Japanese and British museum collections, antique furniture, classic and luxury automobiles, as well as administer storage services for over 30 years. This has all been made possible due to the high level of expertise and state-of-the-art security facilities that Koyanagi Worldwide are able to provide.


ロイヤルドルトンのアンティーク時計“Even in the unfortunate case where goods get damaged or stolen, you will still be covered for the loss as long as you have insurance cover. That’s why we have insurance.” – such a way of thinking is commonplace within the removal industry, and from one perspective this may be rightly maintained. However, Koyanagi Worldwide think differently. We work with the serious mindset that we are transporting the lives and worlds of each of our customers and as such, their goods are irreplaceable items of value.

The sole reason why we don’t simply pursue immediate profit and interests; why we continue to utilize robust, high quality packaging materials; always ensure that our Japanese speaking staff conduct the surveys and attend removal operations, is so that we can continue safeguarding our customers’ possessions.

Koyanagi Worldwide, still now, even after 30 years since its founding in 1976, strives to deliver our customers a cheerful reunion with their precious belongings and possessions.

Company Brief

Company Name
Koyanagi Worldwide Ltd..
John Nobuaki Koyanagi
Capital funds
Company Address
c/o Gerson Relocation Ltd., The Heights East, Cranborne Road, Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 3JN
No. of employees 20
No of employees within company group 50
No of brances 6: U.K.(London, Manchester), France, Germany, Belgium, Holland
Company Telephone Number 0845-009-3325 (※Calling from outside U.K.:+44-1707-648-518)

Company History

Kenji Koyanagi starts working at Michael Gerson Ltd..
Begins offering removal services carried out by Japanese speaking staff.
With the honour of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s presence, Michael Gerson Ltd.. opens its first storage warehouse.
Koyanagi and Michael Gerson Ltd. established as a joint corporation.
Michael Gerson Ltd. opens its second storage warehouse. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher attends the tape-cutting ceremony.
Koyanagi and Michael Gerson Ltd. receives the Export Achievement Award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - the first ever of its kind awarded to a company within the removal industry.
Opening of Koyanagi and Michael Gerson Ltd.'s Midland branch, attended by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Establishment of Koyanagi Worldwide GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Establishment of Koyanagi Worldwide Manchester branch.
Koyanagi & Michael Gerson Ltd. changes its name to Koyanagi Worldwide Ltd..
Establishment of Koyanagi Worldwide Ltd. in Amsterdam, Holland.
Establishment of Koyanagi Worldwide Ltd. in Brussels, Belgium.
Establishment of Koyanagi Worldwide Ltd. in Paris, France.